The World of Scratch Card Gaming Online

Scratch Card

Take the average player that is looking to gamble online, and they probably have no idea about how online games actually work. So, how do online scratch cards work? Here we will look at the programming of the game and how fair play in brought into the industry. With this, we hope you see that the sigmatism behind games is something that can be ignored and that you get a clear idea of how you are able to win whilst playing online casino games and scratch cards inside your chosen casino.

In order to start the process of play, an online casino will be needed and you can obtain yours from the site. They test and check all casino online for safety and legitimacy. These optional casinos are licensed to make playing inside of them legal and they are also regulated, which we will come back to in the last section of this guide and review. This site is not only recommended because of the necessities the casinos carry but because they also hold scratch card games. Scratch cards are not found in every casino online, despite their mass popularity, some casinos do not deem them to be ‘casino’ games and, therefore, omit them from their lobby. Casinos that do provide them either make it abundantly clear they do by having a specialist section for them or they are put into the ‘other games’ category and by that point, it’s a case of finding them.

So, by using the link above your time finding the games is cut short and you will have little to no effort in finding a trusted and legal platform where to play them.

Scratch card games are hugely popular, regardless of the format, the gaming is so simple and the rewards are staggering, you can expect to win big jackpots from games found here that are played and over within a matter of seconds. The gaming concept has been around since the 1950s which first started as a form of shopping coupon, now the returns are slightly more than a pack of washing detergent. When you now have games that are able to pay out up to R15,000,000 you start to pay attention, so let’s take a look at how they work.

For those that didn’t know, casino games of any form are made, produced, designed and provided by gaming developers and not the casinos housing them. These developers use two programs, one covers the basic constructs of a game, in the case of scratch cards, the program id built to give it its look, the functions when button are pressed and everything between this. To make it clearer, it’s the card without the engine. Now the engine part is the algorithms. These determine the payment of the scratch game and there are two very different ones which are you within scratch card games, depending on the developer making them.

These algorithms, by the way, are used throughout all virtual casino games, like your table crap games, blackjack and poker card games and online slots.

The first algorithm is the RTP% which is a Return to Player system that calculates the money won by a player based on the amounts paid into the machine. The more popular a game is in this case, the more chance you have of winning, so if there is a new scratch card release, then you can imagine how many players are going to want to play this, so very much worth focusing on.

The second algorithm is the RNG which stands for Random Number Generator. Slightly more complex and not used as much as the RTP version. This system works on creating random serial numbers. To best describe this, we give you this simple analogy. The symbols of a scratch game are given special serial numbers, then imagine a huge wheel of fortune displaying these same numbers and many more. Spin the wheel and hope the numbers match, this is how wins are determined. There is, of course, no wheel in scratch card games online, but the method of this works internally.

To further eliminate any concern over the fairness of scratch games played online, then we go back to the regulation process as mentioned at the start of this review.

Games are tested long before the casino makes it online. The checks are carried out by independent bodies that review and analyse the data of the system’s programming. Tests are not done by having men and women in suits playing games and if they win, they reward the casino and the game a seal of approval. No, the checks are more precise and detailed. If the algorithms are corrupted or improperly coded, then it would never make it on to the Internet.

Standards are higher than they ever have been, more gambling authorities exist and gambling online has been through its scrutiny and come out the other end for the better. The games are totally fair for players and no matter if you play with small or large wagers, the chances of winning at scratch card games are exactly the same. Everything is purely based on luck!

Last modified: 1 June 2020